You have decided to start researching moving to a senior living community, but don’t know where to start.

We want to help with some of the important factors to consider and questions to ask.


  1. Where do I want to live? The first step is deciding what city and state you want to live in. Some would not consider moving out of the area they are currently in. While others want to venture out and explore other areas for a multitude of reasons, such as moving closer to family, moving back to where you went to college, or moving to a warmer climate, some even consider moving to another state due to taxes and cost of living being lower than where they currently are. Whether you stay in the town you are in or decide to move, this is the first thing you should consider to help narrow your search.
  2. Do your research. You of course want to make sure the community that you choose is within your budget. Compare the cost of living in a community to staying in your home and to other communities you are considering. Look at online reviews and testimonials.
  3. Prepare for the next step of taking a tour. Before touring a community make sure you have written down any questions you have about that community specifically and general questions for each community you visit.
  4. Schedule some tours. Once you decide where you want to live and have researched what communities you may be interested in that area, schedule some tours, and get a look at the communities. Have your list of questions with you and go over them with the person giving you the tour. Also, make sure to take note of all you see, is the building’s interior and exterior, landscaping and grounds are well-maintained and clean. How does the staff treat residents and each other? Do the residents seem happy? After your tour, jot down any notes about the overall experience and decide if the community is someplace you want to explore further.
  5. Narrow your search. You have narrowed your search down to just a few communities that seem like a good fit, so what’s next? The people who truly know what life is like in a community are residents. Ask to meet with some residents to discuss what life is really like in the community, maybe even over a meal in one of the community dining areas. Ask the residents why they chose the community, and what they like about living there, and do not be afraid to ask what they don’t like as well.
  6. Make a plan. Once you have decided on the right community for you ask your residency counselor what’s next. Many communities have a wait list or future resident program you may have to join. Others may have the right floorplan and the right location available for you and you can start the process of moving into your new home.