The BrookHaven Tradition

The BrookHaven Tradition

About BrookHaven Retirement Community

BrookHaven is a retirement community placed in an idyllic setting of trees, fields, ponds and walking trails. But it’s more than that. It is a city within a city that provides all of the necessities for a good life. It offers a way of life for seniors who cherish independence while accepting the reality that we all may need help at times. As you continue through life’s journey, you are secure in the knowledge that BrookHaven will be there for you every step of the way.

Located in tranquil Brookville, Ohio just twenty minutes from Dayton, BrookHaven has walking paths, a putting green, gazebos, fully-stocked ponds, an active Community Center and much more. Equally important, with a variety of senior living options, BrookHaven enables residents to stay within the community as their needs change – without requiring a large, up-front endowment or conversion of your assets.

Our Mission

“To Deliver Superior Residential and Health Care Services”

As a retirement community, operating with integrity in order to create an environment built on trust is imperative for our success. Our residents and their families have to trust they have made the right decision when they decide to call BrookHaven home. Our employees have to trust in the integrity of BrookHaven in order to fully commit to our mission. Our shareholders have to trust the leadership of the organization to make sound business decisions. And, our local community has to trust we will provide quality services and programs and adapt as the needs of the community change.


  • Maintain high standards of service
  • Emphasize quality in every aspect of BrookHaven’s operations
  • Foster loyalty among employees, families and residents
  • Encourage honesty in all dimensions of the operations
  • Provide ample opportunity for spiritual growth and renewal
  • Stimulate team building and cooperation
  • Demonstrate a compassionate and caring philosophy to everyone
  • Model concern and respect of all employees, families and residents
  • Promote integrity by example to residents and employees
  • Foster confidence in the institution
  • Address client needs with a genuine concern for their future
  • All residents deserve a “Home Like” environment consistent with their needs
  • High moral standards should be exhibited in all aspects of campus operation

Vision Tenets

  • BrookHaven will continually demonstrate futuristic planning and development
  • BrookHaven will maximize the use of all available resources to realize its mission statements
  • BrookHaven will be the provider of choice for those seeking the highest quality in retirement living
  • BrookHaven will be highly respected as a vital component of the area and supported by residents of Brookville and neighboring communities
  • Physical facilities will be designed, constructed and maintained to accommodate programmatic and aesthetic dimensions