You have decided to explore moving to a senior living community or maybe you have already found the right place for you. Either way, you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of retirement you’ve worked so hard for without the burdens of home and property maintenance taking up your precious time. Like many other baby boomers, you are discovering that moving to a senior living community will allow you the time and freedom to be with friends and family, explore your hobbies and passions, and even find some new ones, while someone else worries about those maintenance headaches for you. Some of your family and friends may not understand your reasons for moving to a community like this; this blog will help you discuss your reasons for moving to them.

  1. Your neighborhood is changing. You’ve noticed a change in your neighborhood, the friends that you have lived near for years are slowly leaving and a new generation of families are moving in. Many of your friends may have already decided to move to a senior living community such as this one or others in the area. You want to live in a community with people that share your life experiences.
  2. You want more opportunities to engage in social activities. You want more time connecting with friends during happy hour, a round of golf, or any other numerous social activity opportunities you will have time for. Moving to a senior living community opens new opportunities to connect with active, independent, and engaged neighbors all on the same campus.
  3. You are done with home maintenance and chores. You have spent most of your life taking care of your home and now you’re ready for someone else to worry about that. You want more time to spend with family, travel, explore new hobbies, and more.

You now have your reasons for moving to a community and are ready to talk with your loved ones. What’s next?

  1. Remind them why you decided to move and how much more time you will have to spend with them. You did not take this decision lightly; you took the time to research communities and made an informed decision to move. Discuss your reasons for your decision with them. Yes, you will be much busier with new friends, hobbies, and experiences but you will also have much more time to visit with them.
  2. Share your plan. Your family is going to want to know what steps are involved in preparing for and making your move. Let them know what your plan is for your home, will you sell it, rent it out, leave it to family, etc.? Share your downsizing plan; this is a great time to ask if there may be any family heirlooms or other keepsakes they would like to have before you start the downsizing process.
  3. Invite them to visit the community. They are of course going to want to see your new home; invite them to go with you for a tour of the community and to sit down with your sales counselor or even some current residents of the community to ask any questions they may have.
  4. Listen to them. They may have more questions or concerns, listen to, and address their concerns.